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    AI-based video interview and hiring software

    Increase your hiring team’s efficiency with a combination of resume scoring, skills assessment, and asynchronous video interviews led with AI.



    Accurate Skill Assessment

    Our AI Interviews are very conversational with follow-up questions based on candidate responses, and you can upload custom data for specific questions during the interview

    AI Interview Experience

    Our Intuitive UI allows users to have a relaxed interview, and our AI provides comprehensive feedback to the candidate at the end of the interview.

    Data Privacy

    We do not send any personal information data to LLMs, and our application is SOC 2 and GDPR compliant.


    Leveraging "Lazy dependency" on LLM architecture ensures better inference speeds and reliability, and we are 3X more cost-effective than many other options in the market.
    AI Interviews (Tech and Non-Tech)
    AI Resume Analyser
    Custom LLM with Low Inference (Best Interview Experience)
    Personal Information Data Privacy
    AI Scheduling and Communication (whatsapp and email updates)
    Coding Exercise with code quality assessment
    Github code analysis
    Built-in Proctoring
    Multiple ATS connections
    Data capture plugin (chrome supported)


    How helps recruitment?


    AI Interview

    After understanding the requirement, create a job-description and upload any custom data (if necessary) to define the scope of AI interview. Send AI interviews to specific candidates or let the AI resume analyser filter candidate based on the job-description and test hundreds of candidates at once.


    AI Applications Management

    AI resume analyser automatically sort between applied and shortlisted. Use the interview transcript to further shortlist the potential candidates based on the interview metrics. Export all the data in the required format or create a pipeline and connect to any ATS.


    AI Interview Transcript

    Read the detailed assessment on the candidate on skills mentioned in the job-description. Transcript also has information about proctoring details like browser activities, video and audio monitoring for lip-sync, audio malpractice identification.

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